Sort out your old tools…

At its meeting on 29 July the Club heard from Chris Gardner from the charity Tools With a Mission which collects old tools, refurbishes them and sends them to Africa.

In line with Covid-19 restrictions the meeting was socially distanced, and we heard from Chris how tools are collected and sorted, sent to Ipswich, one of the charity’s two key sites, where they are refurbished, and shipped to Zambia and Uganda.
Chris highlighted the plight of young people in those two countries who are forced into crime or prostitution in order to support their families. The work of Tools With a Mission can make a significant difference to the lives of these youngsters and their famiies.

The tools are packaged into trade-related toolkits, which can support training initiatives set up to encourage the individuals to learn a trade. Most tools can be recycled in this way, as can be seen from this list:

If you have any tools which could be used in this way, please contact us, or Tools With a Mission direct.

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