Bolsover Rotary are proud to support hearing ambassadors

We were delighted to welcome Hearing Ambassadors, Andrew and Gillian Campbell to our meeting at the end of March.

During their thought-provoking talk, they described how even mild hearing loss and tinnitus can have unseen social consequences and we came to realise just how much noise pollution we are living with in bars, gyms, clubs, restaurants as well as when we use our personal listening devices.   In fact, they told us that 50% of our 12–35-year-olds are at risk of totally preventable, but irreversible noise induced hearing loss.  That’s why they have launched their Sound Warriors project.

Their message was that you are never too old or too young to look after your hearing health, something that several of our members took to heart. If you would like Hearing  Ambassadors to talk to your organization, please contact them on or

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