Rock Star guest at Rotary

Bolsover Rotary were treated to a wonderful speaker evening when they were joined by the 1960’s singing star Dave Berry.

We heard about his career from the start and his famous No. 5 hit single, “The Crying Game”, in 1964, to his latest singles out now.

Rotary President Paul Copper (Left) welcomes Dave Berry

The questions were mainly guided by “So Bolsover” magazine editor, Mike Firth. Many questions were also asked by the audience, which included visitors who had heard about the event and wanted to meet the legend in person. Some risqué topics were raised, and Dave was polite to answer choosing his words carefully.

Amazingly, Dave has two new songs released this month (“Yesterday’s Sunshine” and “The One that Got Away“)- almost 60 years since he was first in the recording studio.


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